Why You Should Start Prepping

Financial collapse, Ebola, polar shifts, social unrest, EMP’s and CME’s… the doomsday scenarios that you see and hear preppers kicking around are enough to make your head spin. And enough to make you think a lot of folks are going just a little bit tin-hat crazy.

While there is a lot of “scare talk” going on, actually what is crazy is the modern lifestyle on which we have all been an accomplice to creating, embracing and depending. Life has evolved on this planet for millions of years and we humans rose to the top of the food chain by learning how to clothe ourselves, hunt, grow and preserve food, make fire from natural materials, build shelters and create and use tools. These remarkable accomplishments separated us from every other species.

Yet in the past century we decided we could take it up a notch.  We set out to “improve” on nature’s model and our abandon our relationship with the natural world to the point where we now find ourselves with no survival skills, completely unfamiliar with the natural world that surrounds us and unable to protect our families and our possessions in times of panic.

How would you feel if you woke up tomorrow and had no dollars and no electricity? Oh, and there was no working government so there was also no entitlement programs/safety net. How would that affect you?

Really think about that for a moment.

It Hasn’t Happened Before

As I said, all this talk is enough to make one’s head spin. As a result, the common response I hear from those who don’t want to think about this is:

“It’s a lot of nonsense. After all, none of this has ever happened in my lifetime and it never will.”

And then the person goes back to what they were doing, likely drinking a latte while fighting traffic to get to another PowerPoint presentation in a meeting with the sheeple who make up the majority of our population. Heads in the sand, blissfully ignorant and believing everything presented to them by main street media (MSM), unprepared for ANYTHING and unwilling to believe that anything is possible other than the status quo.

I used to be one of those people.

But it Has Happened Before

financial collapse

What did you have for dinner the night before last? What did you do last Tuesday? In our hectic, modern world, we’re so rushed to and fro that we can hardly remember what day it is, much less what we ate a mere 36 hours ago. It goes without saying then that most people have short memories, and this is particularly true when it comes to understanding and learning from history.

Look, empires fall, devastating coronal mass ejections (CME’s) DO HAPPEN, as do world wars, terrorist attacks, etc. Social unrest has always been a constant threat.

Financial collapses and bank holidays DO occur. Often they seem to happen overnight to those who don’t have time to pay attention to the subtle clues. After the fact it becomes clear to everyone that the clues were there all along, leaving the overwhelming majority of the population with less wealth, fewer opportunities, poverty, economic hardship and anxiety.


99% of you reading this page did not live through the great depression 80 years ago. Still, we all know it happened because of the profound effect and hardship it had on so many people around the world. We’re aware of that effect some 80 years later because of the global hardship that ensued, and with today’s interconnected global markets, the potential for widespread suffering is far greater and would occur at lightning speed.

The questions you have to answer are:

Why would you not want to be prepared to take care of yourself and your family?
What possible benefit is there to you of not being self-sufficient and prepared?

Start prepping. Or are you already a “Prepper” and don’t know it?

Do you have a baby or toddler or know someone who does? If so, do you or they take a diaper bag when going out with the baby?250PP

Do you carry a spare tire in your car? Do you have a life insurance policy? Do you have a savings account? Do you keep a plunger by the toilet? Do you have extra batteries on hand? Do you have any fire extinguishers, flashlights or emergency candles in your home?

Do you ever go to the dentist for a check-up or get a physical from the doctor?

Why? Isn’t it inconvenient and costly to get exams when you’re perfectly healthy, or carry diaper bags, spare tires, back-up batteries and insurance policies that you don’t need now? Sure it is, but you do it for good reason. You want to be prepared so that you can feel safe and secure. So that you can continue to enjoy life rather than simply survive life.


Like it or not, we’re all preppers. But fear not… the fact that you are a prepper doesn’t mean that you have to be a doomsday prepper. In fact, let’s just momentarily can the word “prepper” anyway. You’re simply trying to be prepared. For what? For life. To survive on your own when and if there is no power grid, no stocked grocery shelves, no running water and, most scary, we all find ourselves in a world without rule of law (WROL).

The question we each have to answer is, “where do I want to draw the line?” And, we each have to draw a line because none of us can be totally self-sufficient in the purest sense of the word. We will have to rely on others or things for some of what we need.

Those who embrace self-sufficiency, such as my family, think long and often about this and choose carefully what resources, tools and skills we want to have in order to take care of ourselves and those we care most about. The problem is that the demands that most people’s lives exert on them (jobs, children, bills, traffic, etc.) means that it’s easier for them to keep their heads in the sand and just hope for the best.

That may prove to be a fatal mistake for millions of people.

Start Prepping Now

Even though I mentioned some possible disastrous events that could happen, the truth is that you are most likely to experience something more personal and devastating to you, but not to others. In Start Prepping!: Get Prepared–For Life, I describe the 27 disasters you’re most likely to face.

Often, new preppers become completely overwhelmed when they first “see the light” and realize how unprepared they are for any change in the status quo. They rush out to buy cans of freeze-dried food, tools and make bug-out-bags, even though they’re not sure why.

While there is a sense of inherent urgency to prepping (after all, we don’t know when the disaster will happen, now do we?), I’d like to encourage you to catch your breath and take it one step at a time. You didn’t get to where you are now overnight and there’s no way you can learn all the skills you need to have by tomorrow. Sure you can buy stuff, and I will encourage you to do so if you can and tell you exactly what we did. But you need a plan AND skills, as I outline in my book Start Prepping!: Get Prepared–For Life

If you haven’t already, pick up a copy and read it today. It’s available on Amazon!  Kindle | Paperback | Audible  

The more people we can encourage to stock their pantries, learn preparedness skills and become prepared to protect their families, the less social unrest and widespread panic will come our way when times get truly tough. As they always do.


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