Season 1: Episode 9: Chris Martenson | Crash Course | Economic Collapse | Homesteading [PODCAST]

The Mad Scientist Turned Homesteader Who Discovered We’re on a Crash Course With Economic Collapse

So what would cause a trained scientist and big pharma executive to sell everything he owns and move to the country? Well, find out as I share the story of, not a mad scientist, but a scientist who got mad when he discovered we’re on a Crash Course with economic collapse.

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Welcome to Episode 9 of Self-Sufficient Life! This is the story of Chris Martenson, who isn’t your average scientist. Or corporate executive, for that matter.

prosperWhile he was “nature boy” as a child, Chris loved science and data, and continued his formal education until he was almost 30. He wanted to teach at the secondary level, but found himself forced to purse a career in business.

His passion for science landed him in “big pharma,” where he pulled down big bucks and played the game just the way it was supposed to be played. But when a market “correction” wiped out 40% of his portfolio, the scientist in Chris became mad. So he began to investigate, and found that, not only was the game rigged against him (and you), but that we’re on a crash course with collapse in energy, the environment and the economy.

So Chris and his wife, Becca, opted-out and changed everything. They sold the waterfront home and big boat and moved to rural Massachusetts to begin homeschooling their children and homesteading to buffer themselves from the hard times ahead.

leave-vmIn the midst of that, Chris began sharing his concerns and built a large following for his Crash Course book and videos, and his website, Peak Prosperity.

Chris shares his thoughts on the economy, the importance of becoming resilient through self-reliance, the value of gold, silver and precious metals, how to decide where to locate, homeschooling and so much more. So grab some coffee and pull up a chair!

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