Season 1: Episode 4: Jill Winger | Essential Oils | Prairie Homestead | Homesteading [PODCAST]

The Little Girl Who Pushed Her Wheelbarrow to a Prairie Homestead

Welcome to Episode 4 of Self-Sufficient Life! In this episode, you’ll hear the story of a little girl who pushed her city wheelbarrow to the life in the country she was destined for.

Little kids dream of becoming all kinds of things when they grow up, but usually outgrow their fantasies when they become adults. But every now and then a kid holds on tight and grows up to live her dream.

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Jill Winger grew up in the city. But from her earliest memory she fantasized about living in the country. So when she turned 18, she fled and began pushing her childhood wheelbarrow to rural Wyoming.

Today she’s a successful modern homesteader, earning enough money through blogging and her essential oils business to pay herself and her husband.

Jill offers great advice on how to start and monetize a blog, building an essential oils business, the value of frugality, following Dave Ramsey and avoiding debt and so much more. It’s a great listen to anyone inspiring to be more self-sufficient.

Keep up with Jill at The Prairie Homestead.

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