Season 1: Episode 29: Farmstead Update: Shaking the Winter Blues | Homesteading | Farming [PODCAST]

Spring has sprung but the grass ain’t ris, and we can’t find where the flowers is. This week, Liz joins me as we shake the winter blues and share an update of what’s happening on the farm.

farm update

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Welcome to Episode 29 of Self-Sufficient Life!  First off, we’ve received 70 reviews on iTunes, and Liz and I would like to thank each of you for leaving a review. This podcast is a labor of love for us and we greatly appreciate you showing us that it’s not a waste of energy.

This week Liz is back on the podcast, and she shares a surprising challenge that we’ve had to deal with in recent months. And that challenge is, boredom.

Small Farm Nation logoThe climate in our new homestead means winter is longer and spring arrives later, so we’ve really had to adjust to having more time off from garden and farmstead chores. Sounds like a good thing…but it it’ll drive you stir crazy.

Still, we’ve got a lot going on, and in this episode we discuss:

  • our recent cruise vacation and how these crazy preppers prepared to spend a week on the ocean
  • clearing land for pasture and putting in a one-acre pond
  • getting laying hens and building a micro-eggmobile
  • a new Dexter calf
  • building a milking parlor for our Jersey cow
  • home milking procedures and raw milk quality
  • hugelkultur and adding compost
  • to raise or not to raise meat rabbits
  • our Tamworth pigs
  • top bar bee hives and adding bees
  • permaculture, plantings and installing a vineyard of Norton grapes
  • expanding the medicinal garden

Grab some coffee or tea, pull up a chair and listen in as we invite you into our world of modern homesteading.

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