Season 1: Episode 24: What is Modern Homesteading Anyway? | Homesteading | Prepping [PODCAST]

Myself and many others on this podcast use the phrase modern homesteading, but what does that really mean in this digital age?

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Welcome to Episode 24 of Self-Sufficient Life! So, here’s a question for you: What do you visualize when you hear the phrase homesteading, self-sufficient or self-reliance?

I’m willing to bet that many of you visualize a natural setting.

Perhaps a loving family working hard together.

accidental farmers audible

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Something between Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons, for those of you old enough to know those television shows.

We often picture a family living off the land, tending to crops and animals while being…well…self-sufficient.

But…this ain’t the 1800s. This is the digital age.

In this episode I’ll define what modern homesteading really is, and dispel some myths surrounding the notion of homesteading.

I also share why I walked away from big-time corporate America, trading in the boardroom for the barnyard.

And I share several tips on how to start homesteading and becoming more self-reliant, even if you’re cramped in an urban apartment. Things you can do right now to start down your path to self-sufficiency.

So, if you’re looking for ways to tips and inspiration to become more self-sufficient, you won’t want to miss this. So grab some coffee and pull up a chair!

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