Season 1: Episode 19: Building a New Homestead with Tim & Liz Young|Farming | Homesteading [PODCAST]

From Animal Choices to Homestead Infrastructure

Moving to a new homestead you get to start with a clean slate. So how do you decide what you need? This week, Liz and I share what animals and infrastructure we settled on for our new homestead.

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Welcome to Episode 19 of Self-Sufficient Life!  This week Liz and I candidly discuss how we settled on what we needed on our homestead.

Listen in as we discuss our animal and food choices:

  • What breed of pigs we settled on, and why
  • Cows, both dual purpose and specific breeds for beef and milk
  • Meat chickens
  • Hens
  • German Shepherds versus Anatolian or Great Pyrenees
  • Top bar hives and bees
  • Garden area requirements

We also cover all the infrastructure and building we’ve done in the past year, including:

  • Raised bed Hugelkultur garden (click here for pics)
  • Building a tall fence to keep deer out of the orchard/garden
  • Integrating a play area into the garden space (click here for pics)
  • Creating a medicinal herb garden
  • Adding a metal building workshop
  • Milling lumber and building a barn with hay feeder (click here for pics)
  • Building deer blinds
  • Building a dual dog house with center “warm” area
  • Building shelves (so many shelves!) for pantry, craft area and homeschool room
  • Building a homeschool room with bookcases, tables, etc
  • And building a woodland trail and survival practice area (click here for pics)

It was a fun discussion and I hope you enjoy it and find that it gives you a lot to think about as you prepare for your self-sufficient life. So grab some coffee and pull up a chair!

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