Season 1: Episode 17: Homestead Privacy with Tim & Liz Young|Farming | Homesteading [PODCAST]

How can a modern homesteader expect to achieve personal privacy in the digital age? This week, Liz and I discuss the homestead we settled on and the steps we have taken to live a private, self-sufficient life.

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Welcome to Episode 17 of Self-Sufficient Life!  This week Liz and I tell describe the homestead property we settled on, and share what concessions we had to make since there is no “perfect” property.

Here’s what we discuss about the property:

  • How much acreage we settled on
  • Woods vs pasture/open land
  • House size/configuration
  • Well vs gravity water
  • Streams/water features
  • Southern exposure
  • Fruit trees
  • Garden space and outbuildings
  • To heat or not to heat with wood
  • Proximity to populated areas
  • Homeschooling/homesteading culture

We also discuss our overall objectives for homesteading. Those include:

  • Living as freely as possible
    • maximize free time
    • having a property that requires low maintenance
    • time to develop skills we’re interested in, such as foraging, medicinal herbs and bushcrafting
    • maximize time together as a family
    • able to travel if desired
  • Be as independent and sustainable as possible
    • grow our own vegetables and most of our fruit
    • grow and butcher or hunt for our own meat
    • produce dairy and eggs
  • Teach our daughter about animal husbandry and…you know…the birds and the bees
  • Provide pollination and collect honey and wax from bees
  • Use our land’s materials for building projects
  • Grow, harvest and produce as much of our own medicine as possible

how-to-be-invisibleBeyond that, we had an overarching goal that we began discussing in Episode 16. That is, to achieve and maintain a high level of personal privacy.

That’s a hard thing to do in this digital age. But when a listener called in and asked about privacy, we decided to share our approach on achieving privacy in this episode.

Here’s what we discussed:

  • Why privacy is important to us
    • bad guy takes license plate number (road rage, etc.)
  • That privacy is about keeping our private life private. It’s not about avoiding taxes or even asset protection, although it helps with the latter.
  • The importance of separating your name from physical residence
    • driver’s license
    • managing FedEx, etc., deliveries
    • home ownership titling
    • deposits for utilities, DirecTV, etc.
  • Setting up PO boxes BEFORE moving. That way you can complete the USPS forms truthfully with your two forms of ID.
  • Providing no forwarding address
  • Setting-up bank account before moving or keeping existing bank account
  • Using passport for ID instead of Driver’s License. DL very seldom actually required.
  • Using cash over credit
  • Dealing with family who wants to know why they can’t tell people where you live
  • What is a lie (intent to both deceive and cause harm)

leave-vmIt was a spirited and interesting discussion, and I hope you enjoy it and find that it gives you a lot to think about as you prepare for your self-sufficient life. So grab some coffee and pull up a chair!

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