Hi, I’m Tim Young.

I’m the author of the Amazon bestseller, How to Make Money Homesteading, as well as The Accidental Farmers, Start Prepping and other books that help readers enjoy a more prepared, self-sufficient lifestyle. You can find all my products here.

I’m also the creator of the online course, Start a Rewarding Artisan Cheese Business.

My Self-Sufficient Life

TimLizEggsMy main passion today is sharing the benefits of self-sufficient living and inspiring as many folks as I can to embrace as much of this lifestyle as they can. I do that through my books, this blog and my podcast, Self-Sufficient Life.

But I wasn’t always this way. In fact, I spent most of my adult life high-flying over corporate America, lured by the same promises that tease most of us. Even though I was successful in business I became uncomfortable with many aspects of our “modern” society by the early 2000s.

I realized that I had become blind to the fact that I couldn’t provide for my family’s basic needs. You know, things like:

  • growing and preserving food,
  • hunting and gathering,
  • building furniture and shelters,
  • tending livestock,
  • sourcing and purifying water, and
  • other critical life skills that were second nature to my grandparents, and yours too.

All I was doing with my life was fighting traffic to earn a paycheck doing something unfulfilling and then trading that paycheck for the stuff we needed to survive.

In other words, I wasn’t independent at all, but rather completely DEPENDENT on our modern (and fragile) system.

That realization hit me like a ton of bricks.

So I changed my stars. I just walked away from it all, chucking the corporate life and a fancy home on a golf course for a large, overgrown acreage where we would learn to grow, forage, hunt and harvest food for ourselves.

Even though we had never farmed before, my wife, Liz, and I built a successful pasture-based livestock farm, and I ultimately became an award-winning artisan cheesemaker.

Today, Liz and I have re-learned the critical survival skills that grandma and grandpa knew but that few of us know today. Those skills give us the confidence that we can take care of ourselves and our family now spends every hour of every day together.

modern homesteaders roadmapThat doesn’t mean I don’t work (after all, this website, my podcast and writing books is work), but I do it on my terms. That means setting my hours and working from home next to the room where we homeschool our young daughter. We grow most of our own food and haven’t purchased meat from a grocery store in almost 10 years now.

Today, my passion and priority is spending every hour with my wife and daughter, working alongside them to produce our own food, medicines and supplies while living in harmony with nature.

Self-sufficient homesteading affords that lifestyle better than any “career” could ever hope to.

But, and here’s the big “BUT:”


I mean, most of us didn’t inherit a paid off homestead…I certainly didn’t.
That’s why my real passion is helping others learn how to earn self-sufficient income. This can be through agriculture and farming, but can also be via writing, online businesses and countless other vehicles.

SelfSufficientLife LogoReducedI share what I learn through books such as How to Make Money Homesteading, my blog posts and online content, and my online courses, such as How to Start a Rewarding Artisan Cheese Business. My podcast, Self-Sufficient Life, features narrated stories of others who have chosen to opt out of the rat race, and shares how they’re generating self-sufficient income.

Even our grandparents knew that they needed to earn money for the things they couldn’t produce. In an era where we all need (want) Internet, smart phones, health care and anything from Amazon, earning self-sufficient income is a critical ingredient in the recipe for modern self-sufficiency.

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Now, here’s to helping you to embrace self-reliance!