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Many people desire to opt-out of the rat race and become more self-reliant, but there’s a problem: How do you afford to take the leap?

cropped-SSLPodcastLogoFINALReduced-1.jpgSimilar to narrative podcasts such as This American Life, the Self-Sufficient Life podcast narrates stories of people who opted out of the rat race for a simpler life. To make it work, some episodes feature guests who make money homesteading through sustainable farming, cheese & soap making, pastured livestock and other “traditional” farming enterprises.

But others episodes feature insightful stories of innovative modern homesteaders who earn money through online marketing, podcasting, YouTube channels, authoring, selling online courses, blogging and other “non-traditional” ways.

What they all have in common is this: FREEDOM!

If you dream of starting a small farm, becoming a modern homesteader, or just want more freedom in a simple life connected to nature, Self-Sufficient Life will inspire you to become a self-sufficient entrepreneur. Hosted by Tim Young of 

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Podcast Archive
Episode Title Released
19 Building a New Homestead with Tim & Liz Young|Farming | Homesteading 01/13/2017
18 Esther Emery & The Circle of Life|Off-Grid | Homesteading 01/06/2017
17 Homestead Privacy with Tim & Liz Young|Farming | Homesteading 12/29/2016
16 Moving to a New Homestead with Tim & Liz Young|Farming | Homesteading 12/16/2016
15 The Beginning Farmer 12/09/2016
14 Encore Episode | From Investment Banker & Fashion Designer to Sustainable Farmers 12/02/2016
13 The Accidental Farmers with Tim & Liz Young|Farming | Homesteading 11/22/2016
12 Pastured Pork | Farming | Homesteading 11/18/2016
11 Abundant Permaculture with Justin Rhodes| Backyard Chickens | Homesteading 11/11/2016
10 The Hot Dog Who Started a Lavender Farm After His Owner Lost Everything | Homesteading 11/04/2016
9 Chris Martenson | Crash Course | Economic Collapse | Homesteading 10/28/2016
8 Artisan Cheese | Raising Goats | Homesteading 10/21/2016
7 Daisy Luther | The Organic Prepper | Survival Mom | Homesteading 10/14/2016
6 Kendra Lynne | New Life on a Homestead | Canning | Homesteading 10/07/2016
5 Mark Goodwin | Prepper | Christian Author 09/30/2016
4 Jill Winger | Essential Oils | Prairie Homestead | Homesteading 09/23/2016
3 Patrice Lewis | Rural Revolution | Woodcraft Entrepreneur | Homesteading 09/15/2016
2 $250K/Yr Blogging | Lisa Steele | Backyard Chickens 09/14/2016
1 Little Seed Farm | Goat’s Milk Soap | Beginning Farmer | Homesteading 09/14/2016
0 Self-Sufficient Life Coming Soon 09/02/2016