Best Resources for Prepping, Preparedness and Self-Sufficiency

start prepping nowIn my book, Start Prepping! (Kindle, Print), I list numerous products and resources that can help you to become more fully prepared for any crisis. This page provides a comprehensive list of the products that I wholeheartedly recommend though you clearly may not need all of them. However, I do have most of these products and have participated in many of the classes/resources mentioned in the skills section.

This page is organized around the 10-Step Path to Preparedness I created to serve as a navigational guide in Start Prepping!, and it starts with my 10 most valued items for prepping and self-sufficiency. The need for many of these items is self-explanatory, but to understand why you need others you may want to read Start Prepping!

Best Gear for Prepping/Self-Sufficiency

  1. All-American 921 Pressure Canner
  2. Big Berkey Water Filter System
  3. Excalibur Dehydrator
  4. Surefire G2X Tactical Flashlight
  5. Country Living Hand Grain Mill
  6. FloJak Original Well Pump
  7. Gun & Valuables Security Safe
  8. Concealed Weapon (In addition to a handgun I carry Sabre 3-In-1 Police Strength Pepper Spray)
  9. Solo Stove
  10. Medical Book & Survival Medical Kit

Best Books for Prepping/Self-Sufficiency

Note: Many other FANTASTIC books are listed in the book, Start Prepping! 

Best Prepper Water Resources

Best Prepper Shelter, Warmth & Comfort Resources

Best Prepper Food Storage/Preservation Resources

Best Prepper Energy Resources

Best Prepper Sanitation  Resources

Best Prepper Medical Resources

Best Prepper Personal Security & The Survival Mindset Resources

Best Prepper Money & Documents Resources

Best Prepper Travel Security, Evacuation & Bug-out-Bags Resources

Every Day Carry Items

Every Day Carry Clothing


Car Emergency Kit

Best Prepper Communication Resources