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How to Make Money Homesteading Make money homesteading

If you would like to escape the rat race and enjoy a self-reliant lifestyle, this book will show you the way! Learn:

  • How to create multiple streams of self-sufficient and passive income
  • That you can live a vibrant, healthy lifestyle and take care of yourself and your family
  • How others got out of debt on their path to self-sufficiency
  • The 23 Critical Questions to ask before buying rural property
  • That you can insulate yourself from economic collapse
  • How homesteading is the NEW retirement plan

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 7.08.23 AMFeaturing profiles of 18 homesteaders who share intimate stories of their own journeys toward a healthier, freer, more fulfilling lifestyle, this book provides actionable ideas that you can use to achieve your dream of self-sufficiency. From how others got out of debt, to what to consider before buying land, to the critical steps to take when setting up a sustainable homestead or farmstead business, this book details the strategies that will save you money, generate income and put you on the path to self-sufficiency.An excellent guide on how to homestead profitably and make money while living a sustainable, organic life!”  Top 1000 Amazon Reviewer

Amazon Best Seller—4.8 Stars!  Kindle | Paperback | Audible


Accidental Farmers KJindle

The Accidental Farmers

“This book, like Food Inc., gives the reader a chance to consider how things should be done in regards to meat and food production Vs. how it is actually done.” – Ionia Martin, Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer

A personal memoir of an urban couple’s journey to farming and is sure to delight those interested in moving to the country or simply learning more about the struggles of sustainable farming.

When Tim and Liz Young decided to leave their comfortable suburban life and become first-time farmers in rural Georgia, they embarked on a journey that would change their lives. The Accidental FarmScreen Shot 2015-09-23 at 7.08.05 AMers reveals how the couple learned that hamburgers, bacon, and eggs don’t come from the supermarket but from real animals that forge emotional
bonds with their human caretakers. Seeking a middle path between a meatless lifestyle and the barbarism of factory food, Tim and Liz created a sustainable oasis where rare breed animals and humans live together searching for something nearly lost by both humans and the animals…how to live naturally off the land.

Amazon Best Seller!—4.3 Stars!  Kindle | Paperback | Audible


start prepping nowSTART PREPPING!

Buy Start Prepping! and follow the steps Tim has laid out. The lives of your loved ones may very well depend on it.” -Ray Gorham, Author of 77 Days in September

[dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou don’t like to think about it, but deep down you know it can happen. Disaster can strike without warning, leaving your family without water, food, or electricity, and without medical or police support. How will you survive when that happens? How will you protect your family from threats of violence? Buying insurance, writing wills, getting our teeth cleaned, and saving for retirement are just a few of the precautions we routinely take to mitigate risks, but too often we fail to prepare for what’s most important. We fail to prepare for our own survival. With 91% of Americans living in places at a moderate-to-high risk of disasters and with all of us dependent on a very fragile life-support system, it’s time for you to take preparedness seriously. When you read this book you willScreen Shot 2015-09-23 at 7.07.13 AM

  • understand the 27 disasters you’re likely to face, why some people perish when others don’t, and you’ll know how to
    ensure your family survives.
  • master situational awareness and the survival mindset you need to avoid becoming a victim of violence.
  • know when to stay, when to bug out, and how to implement an evacuation plan.
  • learn the best non-firearm options for self-defense.
  • discover the best ways to generate electricity, store water and food, and handle sanitation and medical care on your own.

Start Prepping! is the ultimate guide to personal preparedness. It will help your family comfortably survive manmade and natural disasters and stay safe from everyday violence. You can’t hide from the risks we face, but you can prepare for them. Read Start Prepping! now and give yourself some peace of mind—because the day after disaster strikes, it’ll be too late.

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[dropcap]A[/dropcap]uthorities respond to violence—they don’t prevent it, leaving YOU as the line of first defense. This book will show you how to act like it.

In today’s increasingly violent world, threats to your personal safety are everywhere. From acts of terror to mass shootings, and with the threat of everyday violent crime, danger is at everyone’s doorstep. Let’s face it–potentially life-threatening circumstances can arise anywhere, anytime.

The Survival Mindset is a highly actionable guide that will increase your situational awareness, teach you the step-by-step survival mindset, help you determine the contents of your everyday carry (EDC) items and survival bags and how to break free from the deadly grip of normalcy bias.Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 7.06.50 AM

Just as so many are attempting to reconnect with the lost Paleo diet, this book will help you to reclaim the lost art of
situational awareness and develop a keen survival mindset so you can avoid violence and survive disasters. Presented in an easy-to-understand format, The Survival Mindset is an invaluable resource. Because let’s face it, when danger is imminent, you don’t have time for complicated instructions.

This book is survival psychology for the common person and common sense for the survival psychologist.” – John Leach, Author of Survival Psychology

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PLAYFULPREPAREDNESSPrepare your children to survive in the real world!

Today’s children can recognize over 1,000 corporate logos but can’t identify 10 plants native to their region. They live in an artificial world—one where they spend less than seven minutes per day playing outdoors and over seven hours per day staring at a digital device. But the threats our children face are real, from random violence and terrorism to natural, manmade, and accidental disasters.

What skills do today’s children have to prepare them to face threats of violence and disaster? For that matter, what skills and resources do their parents have?

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 7.19.39 AMPlayful Preparedness is a one-of-a-kind preparedness book, packed with 26 games and dozens of activities to help
teach children situational awareness, life-saving preparedness skills and the survival mindset so that they can survive in the real world.

Read Playful Preparedness today and help your children to become prepared—for life.

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Poisoned Soil (Fiction: A Supernatural Thriller, 2012)

On a cursed Cherokee mountainside, young Ozzie and his family are held prisoner while they await an unspeakable fate. His captor, Blake Savage, will do anything to reclaim the fame he lost, but Blake’s mystical wife, Angelica, longs for a simple life that honors her Cherokee tradition. When an egocentric restaurateur offers Blake a fortune to turn Ozzie’s family into a delicacy for his supper club, Blake can’t resist the temptation. But Ozzie may be more than he seems and will do anything to survive. When dinner is finally served, a Cherokee curse is unleashed that threatens anyone and anything in its path.

Poisoned Soil is a simple story that deals with complex issues.The prose seems to be an all-American version of magical realism, that Garcia Marquez / Isabel Allende technique of making reality magical and magic real.  You will enjoy every minute that you’re reading this book–the characters, the settings, the battles between man and nature, and, of course, that magical realism.” – Bookpleasures.Com Review

A First Class Thriller!” – The Kindle Book Review

The true suspense will satisfy readers looking for a grim, inventive thriller.” – Kirkus Reviews

 4.4 Stars! Kindle | Paperback | Audible

MaisyHatchesEggAmazing Maisy! Books (Visit

Introduce children to skills that teach self-sufficiency, animal husbandry, nature and food production!

Amazing Maisy Hatches an Egg!

When Maisy discovers an egg is missing from the hen house, she is thrilled that her favorite hen wants to hatch a chick. But when Itty Biddy hen abruptly flees the nest, Maisy is forced to do something AMAZING…and fast, if the chick is to hatch. Enjoy the first book in the Amazing Maisy series and share with your child how chicks hatch!

Kindle | Paperback

teaching kids about bees

Illustration From Amazing Maisy! and the Honeybee

learning about beesAmazing Maisy! and the Honeybee

Maisy is enjoying the springtime flowers with her sidekick, Alfie. When Buzz the Bee appears and pleas for help, Maisy has to quickly jump into action to help Buzz find a new home for his colony…and then find his queen! Introduce your child or students to how a beehive works and where sweet, gooey honey comes from!

Kindle | Paperback