Podcast Survey Results

Well, it has been three months since I (Tim) launched the Self-Sufficient Life podcast. I’ve released 16 episodes, one each week, since mid-September, and I’ve used two formats for the show. The different formats are:

podcast survey

Format A) Episodes where I narrate stories of others who are embracing self-sufficient lifestyles. An example of this format is any of the first 12 episodes of Self-Sufficient Life. Here’s an example from episode 3:

Format B) Episodes where my wife, Liz, and I share insights into our self-sufficient lifestyle and describe why, how and what we’re doing. Here’s an example from episode 16 about moving to a new homestead.

podcast rankingPersonally, I prefer Format A and find it more interesting. That makes sense, I suppose, because why would I want to hear the story of the life I’m living, which is really what Format B is about.

Then again, Format B is MUCH easier and faster for me to create, as it takes me an average of 2-3 days to complete Format A, which is styled similar to the wildly popular, This American Life show. Also, in Format B I get to sit with my darling wife and have a conversation, whereas I have to create Format A by myself. So, in those aspects, I guess I prefer Format B.

podcast reviewsRegardless of my preference, the podcast has been pretty well received. As of this writing it’s ranked #3 in the hobbies category of iTunes, even though the podcast never hit the “new and noteworthy” section of iTunes.

Self-Sufficient Life has also received 54 itunes reviews, 50 of which are 5-Star.

For those of you who have taken the time to leave a review, please know that I am grateful, and I use your comments as guidance on the show’s direction. If you haven’t left a review, please click here to open iTunes and leave one…I’d really appreciate it.

But, back to the two different show formats and my preference for one or the other. You see…

…it’s not about what I want…it’s about what you, the audience, wants. And the only way to be sure I know what you want is to ask.

So I did.

Yesterday I sent out a survey to my email list inviting them to complete a short survey. It was only a few questions, and I needed audience response to help me to bring the most helpful and entertaining content to them.

So far I have received just over 100 responses, and rising. Here are the results from each question, and words of wisdom I can offer you based on each result.

Question 1: How long have you been listening to Self-Sufficient Life?
Answer Choices: 1)Since it began Sep 2016 or, 2) I just found you in the last month or so
podcast survey results
My Conclusions:

This is an interesting case study for any modern homesteader trying to reach a new audience. Over the years I’ve created a pretty decent opt-in list of over 20,000. These are mainly people who followed our farm life or read some of the many books that I have written.

But…check out the results. 43% of the people who completed the survey had never heard of me three months ago. That suggests that podcasts can be a great way to expand and reach a new audience, if you can launch a quality show. This is great news for farmers and other modern homesteaders who are trying to create self-sufficient income streams.


Question 2: How do you most often listen to Self-Sufficient Life? 
Answer Choices: iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast, Google Play, This Website, Direct Download, other
podcast survey results

My Conclusions: I expected iTunes to be the number one response, and it was by a hefty margin. But what may be surprising to many is that the runner up is people listening directly on this website. That’s not a surprise to me, and it’s why I invested in an inline podcast player for this website before I launched the podcast.

Question 3: Show Format Preference
Answer Choices: 1) I prefer Format A, with narrated stories of others, 2) I prefer Format B, with Tim and Liz sharing their life, 3) I don’t have a preference. I like both formats or 4) I don’t like either format.
podcast survey results

My Conclusions: This was the big question, and the answer will have a big impact on how I proceed. If you had told me you clearly wanted one format over the other, I would have moved in that direction.

And you did give me a clear answer…and that answer is that you don’t have a preference.

So I had to look beyond that, and the runner up is that you prefer Format B over Format A. Well, at least many of you do. Three of you don’t like either format :-(, but after looking at the individual results, I understand. Those were from folks who indicated they like hard-core prepping podcasts, and my show clearly isn’t that.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Liz and I got a lot of pushback years ago when we stopped podcasting, and I know how wonderful she is on the show.

For me, these results mean that you’ll be hearing more of our story…probably a 50/50 split, if I can manage it, between formats A&B.

For other current and future podcasters, the conclusion is to survey your audience and make sure you’re meeting their needs.

Question 4: Episodes of Self-Sufficient Life are typically one hour (50-65 minutes).
Answer Choices: 1) This is the right length, 2) This is too long, or, 3) This is too short.
podcast survey results

My Conclusions: 77% say it’s the right length, so…it’s the right length. As for me, I say it’s the right length too, but I don’t seek to make it exactly an hour. That’s just about what they are. I’ll try to always keep them tight, as personally I hate podcasts with a lot of blabbing and wasted space. I suspect you do too.

Question 5: What other podcasts do you listen to?

Answer Choices: open ended text box
I got the long list that I expected. I present this list of podcasts for your interest, without commentary.
The Survival Podcast16
Prepper Recon6
Chris Martsenson (Peak Prosperity Featured Voices)5
Homegrown Liberty5
Farmer to farmer3
The Beginning Farmer3
Chicken Thistle Farm2
Glenn beck2
Growing farms podcast2
Hagmann & Hagmann2
Harvest Eating2
Orvis fly fishing2
Permaculture voices2
Radio Free Redoubt2
Stuff you missed in history2
Vegetable Gardening2
40 Acres & A Fool
Accelerate with Andy Paul
Al Mohler – The Daily Briefing
All About Android
All NPR podcasts
Armed squirrels project
Ben Shapiro
bird note
Bon Appetit
Chris Kressor Revolution Health Radio
clark howard
Colonial Williamsburg
Common Sense Show
Dan Carlin’s Hardcore history
Daniel Tyrkiel
DawgNation Daily
Dollar Vigilante/ Anarchast
Down range radio
Farm to Table
food sleuth
Forward Observer Podcast
Freedomain Radio/ITunes
Freedoms Phoenix
Getting teenager out of trouble
Goats instead of cows
Gun talk
How I Built This
Joe Rogan Experience (sometimes)
Katie couric
KERA Think
Let’s Talk Bitcoin
lewis howes
Life Church
Living Homegrown
living on earth
Low watt living
Making it
Marathon training academy
marie forleo
mcalvaney weekly
Michael Hyatt
Mike Rowe
Modern Homestead Podcast
Mountain Woman Radio -Tammy Trayer
NPR Environment
Off The Grid Radio
Paul wheaton
People’s pharmacy
Phoenix Helix
Pioneering Today with Melissa K Norris
Practically Tactical Podcast (sometimes)
prepared homestead podcast
Profit first
Radical personal finance
Radio Ecoshock
Ray Edwards
Robb Wolf The Paleo Solution
ron paul liberty report
Sow Edible
SSHomestead w/ J-max and the Queen
Survivalist prepper
That’s the way I heard it mike rowe
The Agroinnovations Podcast
The changing earth podcast
The Dave Ramsey Show/Overcast
The Farm Report
The hunting dog podcast
The Naked Scientists
The Permaculture Podcast
The prepared homestead Shawn and Monica mitzel
The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd
The Side Hustle Show
The survivalist prepper podcast
The Tim Ferris Show
The Woodworking Podcast
This american life
This Catholic Life
This Week in Tech
tom woods show
Trucker Dump
Truth For Life – Alistar Begg
TSP Jack Spirko
Urban Farm, Greg Peterson
Wise traditions
X22 Spotlight / SGT Report and other Financial
You bet your garden


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