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Well, it has been three months since I (Tim) launched the Self-Sufficient Life podcast. I’ve released 16 episodes, one each week, since mid-September, and I’ve used two formats for the show. The different formats are:

Format A) Episodes where I narrate stories of others who are embracing self-sufficient lifestyles. An example of this format is any of the first 12 episodes of Self-Sufficient Life. Here’s an example from episode 3:

Format B) Episodes where my wife, Liz, and I share insights into our self-sufficient lifestyle and describe why, how and what we’re doing. Here’s an example from episode 16 about moving to a new homestead.

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EP 14: Encore Episode | From Investment Banker & Fashion Designer to Sustainable Farmers [PODCAST]

Welcome to Episode 14 of Self-Sufficient Life! In this episode you’ll hear the story of how an investment banker and a fashion designer traded the glamour of Manhattan for goats and brambles in Tennessee.


Imagine being a young couple living the good life in New York. One’s an investment banker, the other’s a fashion designer and both are on their way to the top. Then, they get this wild idea–“Hey, let’s quit our jobs and move to the country to milk cows and make artisan cheese.” Only when they find their farm, it’s not what they imagined.

This is the story of starting an artisan goat soap business. Actually, the dream was to start an artisan farmstead cheese business, but one obstacle led to another and forced James and Eileen Ray down a different path as they struggled to give birth to Little Seed Farm.

If you’re into modern homesteading, self-reliance, preparedness or self-sufficiency, grab some coffee and pull up a chair!

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EP1-Little Seed

EP 12: Pastured Pork | Farming | Homesteading [PODCAST]

So, what happens when a Harvard educated lawyer trades in the bright lights of the city for rural farm life? Well, when he stops bringing home the bacon he learns to actually make award-winning bacon and sausage. That’s what!

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EP 11: Abundant Permaculture with Justin Rhodes| Backyard Chickens | Homesteading [PODCAST]

Whatta ya get when you combine a drunken homeless man, a deer tick and the Internet? Today, you’ll find out how those three ingredients, along with a determined entrepreneur, add up to Abundant Permaculture.

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abundant permaculture justin rhodes

EP 10: The Hot Dog Who Started a Lavender Farm After His Owner Lost Everything | Homesteading [PODCAST]

Everyone wants to be a millionaire, but where do you turn when you strike it rich then lose it all in a real estate meltdown? In this episode I share the story of a hot dog who rescued a couple of corporate drop-outs who lost everything in the Great Recession.

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Homesteading Podcast

How to Comfortably Retire Homesteading

Homesteading as a Retirement Plan

Several years ago as we prepared to transition from sprawling urban life to our rural farmstead, my wife and I were filled with excitement about growing our own food and being immersed in nature. Yet, during that period of intense change and learning we also spent many hours discussing, of all things, retirement.

At the time the idea of retirement was many years away for us, but in our “former” lives we at least understood what the plan was, so we rarely thought about it. The plan then was simply to keep working until we were 62 or so and then let a 401K or pension plan fund the rest of our life, perhaps with a little help from social security.

Retire homesteading

Ep 4: Jill Winger | Essential Oils | Prairie Homestead | Homesteading [PODCAST]

The Little Girl Who Pushed Her Wheelbarrow to a Prairie Homestead

Welcome to Episode 4 of Self-Sufficient Life! In this episode, you’ll hear the story of a little girl who pushed her city wheelbarrow to the life in the country she was destined for.

Little kids dream of becoming all kinds of things when they grow up, but usually outgrow their fantasies when they become adults. But every now and then a kid holds on tight and grows up to live her dream.

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Launch Your Farm WordPress Site in Under 15 Minutes

Whether you’re a homesteader, farmer, author or online marketer, the easiest way to build a marketing platform today is still via a blog.  And the best way to have control over your site is to host a WordPress site on Bluehost. That’s what I do and it’s what most leading bloggers and marketers do as well.

In the video below, I show you how to set up your blog in 15 minutes or less. I’ll even show you how to set-up WordPress, choose and customize a theme, set-up custom pages and create your first blog post.